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Green Is Good

Posted by Jason Garza on Apr 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Now that spring is finally here after a particularly tough winter in Ohio, our attention is turning to the return of beautiful blooms, sounds of wildlife, and newly green grass. Speaking of green, many companies like to “green-wash” their image, but solid facts shine the brightest. Here are some interesting results from Bottomline Ink’s recycling and reuse efforts in 2014. We recycled more than 145 tons of cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, and metal. We reused more than 21 tons of wood, cardboard, and other paper. We generated less than 16 tons of landfill waste. What do these numbers really mean? 139 of the 145 tons we recycled consisted of paper and cardboard, which: Saved the energy equivalent of 22,935 gallons of gasoline or saved enough energy to power the average American home for 69.5 years Saved 973,000 gallons of water Saved 459 cubic yards of landfill space Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 139 metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE) Reusing or reclaiming wood, cardboard, and paper is especially important for a company that provides a high volume of printing, shipping, and warehousing/order fulfillment. It takes about 24 typical size trees to produce 1 ton of virgin office paper, so reclaiming and reusing 21 tons of paper in 2014 saved over 500 trees. Through diligent efforts by all of our staff and internal systems that promote reuse and recycling, we recaptured 10 times as many materials by weight as we landfilled. Here’s a bigger picture comparison: In the United States, 250.9 million tons of waste was generated in 2012. Of that, 135.0 million tons were discarded to...

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2015 BLI Custom Variable Image Calendars

Posted by Jason Garza on Nov 7, 2014

BLI’s Custom Variable Imaging Calendars are back for 2015 with more images and calendar size formats! Each month features a custom image with your, a friend’s, or client’s first name incorporated directly into the artwork. It is like having a unique photo created just for you! This year we offer 3 different calendar format options: large coil-bound with metal hanging loop, traditional folded booklet style with hole punch for hanging, and desk size with integrated heavyweight paper stand. Download the interactive catalog PDF and open in Adobe Reader. You will be able to make your image selections, fill out your list of names, and choose catalog types. Note: Please make sure you save the catalog to your computer and open the PDF in Adobe Reader in order to save your changes. You may not be able to save changes if you open directly in your browser. Email your completed PDF to us at We’ll soon be in touch to finish processing your order. We look forward to producing your unique catalogs! If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call at 800-701-1116 ext. 210....

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2014 Custom Holiday Cards & Holiday Gifts

Posted by Jason Garza on Oct 6, 2014

Bottomline Ink is proud to introduce its custom holiday card collection for 2014! This year we are offering a wider selection of cards, including some for Halloween! As in years past, these cards can be customized with your message and images like company logos, signatures, pictures, etc. We are also offering an exclusive collection of custom holiday gifts. As a bonus, if you order cards before November 26th we are offering up to 25% OFF of the listed prices! Custom holiday gift orders placed by 11/17 will be eligible for a 20% discount off of listed prices. Order early and beat the rush! Bottomline Ink also offers a full selection of optional mailing services for your cards. We can even hand-sign the cards and hand-address the envelopes. Ask us about these options when you place your order. Download/view the catalog and place your order today! To order, please call 800.701.1116 x 210 or email

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Leveraging Technology and Talent for Direct Mail

Posted by Jason Garza on Sep 12, 2014

Bottomline Ink has been a leader in the print, mail, fulfillment, and promo arenas for over 20 years. What you may not know is that we have a talented staff of programmers and IT support personnel dedicated to creating elegant solutions to help our clients. Take this recent direct mail challenge: A dental care company sends out welcome letters to new patients. This particular company has several hundred locations within its network. Previous mailings would list one of the closest locations based on the address of the new patient. However, in some cases the office listed in the letter wasn’t necessarily the most convenient for the patient for one reason or another. They needed to find a way to list multiple relevant locations. Bottomline Ink was given two spreadsheets from the dental company: one contained all of the new patients’ mailing info and the other listed every location of the dental offices in their network. Our list processing method determined longitude and latitude coordinates for each patient. Using this info, we were able to determine up to 10 dental office locations closest to the new patients. One of our IT specialists created a custom program to use the power of Microsoft SQL Server and Bitstream PageFlex to merge the data from both files into print-ready files quickly and efficiently. The new mailing would give patients many dental office options near them instead of one. Technology is an amazing resource to leverage when trying to create effective communications with your clients. The talent to use it, however, is the most important piece of the puzzle. For over a decade, Bottomline...

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Bottomline Ink Eyes Client Smiles With St. Pat’s Promotion

Posted by Jason Garza on May 27, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day seemed the perfect time for Bottomline Ink to show off its creativity with a “Pot O’ Gold” promotion. We are well-known for our capabilities in the realms of print, mail, fulfillment, and promotional products. We wanted an opportunity to combine all of these resources and reinforce our capabilities as a marketing logistics provider as well. In-house creative staff came up with the concept of using pre-cut and scored digital packaging stock to make a square “pot of gold”. Artists created imagery for the different panels, including a gold coin illustration on the box top and the requisite rainbow on the inside. The tag on the front of the box was personalized by using database-driven Variable Data Print. Lucky recipients of the boxes would open them to view a shimmering display of gold foil-covered chocolate coins. The artwork for the coins was also created by Bottomline Ink and the coins themselves were produced by one of our vast promotional products resources. The gifts were a hit with the recipients and many mentioned they wanted to do something similar for upcoming events and holidays. From concept creation, to execution, to component sourcing, to packaging and delivery- Bottomline Ink handled the entire project. It was a great opportunity to “practice what we preach”- we are more than simply a printer, mailer, fulfillment provider, etc. Bottomline Ink has the talent and resources in place to execute your marketing ideas efficiently, effectively, and affordably. What is your next project? Let’s dream...

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Rain Rain Go Away

Posted by Jason Garza on May 18, 2014

Spring rains dampening your enthusiasm? Left out in the dark? Take a look at this unique new product we’ve found. The “Flashlight Umbrella” features: Generous 42″ Canopy arc LED flashlight in the handle with a pushbutton control Automatic Opening & Closing Folds to 12″ long Matching fabric case with shoulder strap Rubberized sure-grip handle This item comes in black or navy blue. Low minimum order qty of 12. This would be a great for Employee Recognition and/or Client Appreciation. If you would like more information and/or pricing, please call Darla Lay at 800.701.1116 x 217 or email her. We would love to work with you. Darla Lay is BLI’s promotional products expert. She has has been taking classes directly related to the promo industry and has received her Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information (BASI) from ASI. We have a very wide selection of promo items to offer to help you market, sell, and distribute your...

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