BLI Now Offers UV Coating


UV gloss coating now available on BLI Digital Print Products!
Printed media is all about presentation. Whether it’s flyers, posters, or booklets, UV gloss coating is the ultimate add-on that will really make your product shine. UV coating is a super gloss coating that is applied to a printed sheet of paper. This coating gives any coated sheet of paper a much glossier finish. It is called “UV” coating because the coating is hardened by a bright ultraviolet light.

UV gloss coating makes color pop out for a better presentation.
UV coating increases the contrast of your prints and makes colors stand out and pop. It gives photo-oriented prints a stunning finish that makes any picture look incredible. It gives booklets a really high quality feel when people hold it in their hands. Overall, UV coating makes any product look and feel better.

UV gloss coating offers scratch resistance and better durability.
Postal processing can damage your print with scratches and smudges. UV coating virtually eliminates these imperfections so your direct mail pieces and postcards arrive in the condition you want. Business cards and brochures last longer and are protected from scratching which means less waste due to imperfections.

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