Leveraging Technology and Talent for Direct Mail

Bottomline Ink has been a leader in the print, mail, fulfillment, and promo arenas for over 20 years. What you may not know is that we have a talented staff of programmers and IT support personnel dedicated to creating elegant solutions to help our clients. Take this recent direct mail challenge:

A dental care company sends out welcome letters to new patients. This particular company has several hundred locations within its network. Previous mailings would list one of the closest locations based on the address of the new patient. However, in some cases the office listed in the letter wasn’t necessarily the most convenient for the patient for one reason or another. They needed to find a way to list multiple relevant locations.

Bottomline Ink was given two spreadsheets from the dental company: one contained all of the new patients’ mailing info and the other listed every location of the dental offices in their network. Our list processing method determined longitude and latitude coordinates for each patient. Using this info, we were able to determine up to 10 dental office locations closest to the new patients. One of our IT specialists created a custom program to use the power of Microsoft SQL Server and Bitstream PageFlex to merge the data from both files into print-ready files quickly and efficiently. The new mailing would give patients many dental office options near them instead of one.

Technology is an amazing resource to leverage when trying to create effective communications with your clients. The talent to use it, however, is the most important piece of the puzzle. For over a decade, Bottomline Ink has been investing in this area to help our clients market, sell, and distribute their products. What would you like to accomplish more efficiently and effectively? We love a good challenge.