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Selling since
2010 with Bottomline Ink

I have been working in the digital and commercial print industry for over 6 years. Prior to Bottomline, I worked with Bolt From The Blue, a direct response marketing agency. Bolt From The Blue was acquired by Bottomline Ink in 2010, and I made the move with it.

I entered the print world by way of a small direct response marketing company. So the majority of my clients are companies that utilize direct mail as a major part of their marketing efforts.

I work with clients all across the United States.

Personal Life
I’m married and have two sons. Born and raised in Northwest Ohio. I graduated from The University of Toledo with a B.S. in Exercise Science in 1997. I spend most of my non-working hours watching too much TV with my sons, tearing apart and reassembling various parts of our home, stemming off aging at the gym, traveling, and generally enjoying life.


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